01-Aug Q'onyakuy Pachamama

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Welcome beloved brothers and sisters to celebrate mother earth Pachamama, on this special day we give a offering to our beloved mother and goddess Gaia, Pachamama, with all our love and prayers. Ancestral offering or haywarikuy is a Qero code, Lemurian code to bring all on to harmony, by saying thank you to all our relationships, with human, vegetable, mineral kingdoms, the solar and lunar parents and the invisible forces of Life. This event will take place here in London, for the first time.

Both Illa Killa and myself are Pampamisayoq, to celebrate this important haywarikuy we serve from a place of love and integrity as we are entering to important energetic portals, we prepare our soul, body and energetic field to receive and alien from the heart and the possibilities to bring equilibrium for us, our families and all.

This important Ceremony will be accompanied by Cacao medicine of the Jungle, with special preparation and plants to bring a beautiful elixir to heal the Soul, and the childhood, portal of our Pakarina o sacred seed, home of our roots.

Will also be offered beautiful melodies of medicines songs from the Tawa Inti suyo sacred spiritual path, as we are always celebrating love, life and truth from a place of complete connection to ourselves and our beloved mother earth great Pacha.

Energetic retributions all included 20 pounds, to cover costs, more contributions is also welcome as you feel in your heart.

We bring beautiful medicines of the Tawa Inti suyo combine with sacred light codes and medicines of Avalon.

We serve from the place of the heart of our Yanantin sacred and divine feminine and masculine energies to our communities.

We share teachings of our sacred spiritual path with love and respect to everyone, channelling always light and harmonious relationships for our wides good.

Bringing the medicine of consciousness to heal ourselves and by doing so, we heal our collective communities, we heal mother earth together.

Blessings and welcome

Time. 15pm to 18pm.

We start at 15pm please be on time if you wish to participate, you are welcome from 14:30 pm.

Blessings to dance and celebrate with magic, music and sacredness.

More information welcome to contact us to our following contacts.

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