Brothers and Sisters, Like minded and like hearthed,

A beautiful journey we do have in so many different ways. A blessing and an honour it is to be present and to be experiencing life in all its multi-coloured visions.

The journey continues, so we come together to integrate all the beautiful updates and upgrades that our mother Earth is sharing with us as well.

A circle, a reunion, a gathering of hearts, in ceremony with the Teachings of the Tahuantinsuyo and the guidance of our Grandfather Wachuma. In the embrace of the Forest and Silvery light of a full moon, we open magical portals for transformation, expansion and healing to occur.

We will recognize ourselves and renew our universe, celebrate our life and reconnect with our 4 altars, our 4 sacred grandmothers and grandfathers, Mother water, Mother earth, Father fire, Father Wind, connecting and anchoring ourselves with Mother Earth, aligning and recalibrating our Sacred masculine and Divine Feminine with Mother moon and Father Sun.

We share from our Heart and we share with clarity and guidance, with Medicine of the Andes and the Jungle, with the ancestral teachings of the true Inka Solar codes and the light and energy of Lemurian times.

We are rebirthing ourselves again, we are rebirthing together with our Mother Earth honouring her, giving gratitude in the tradition of the Q’eros through the Offerings with our prayers and dedication, to help and assist reorganizing our universe

Welcome to join us on this special day of transformation, love, and empowerment.

General info Wachuma | Sofia Buchuck

Medicines of Pachamama, Teachings Inka Solar codes of the Tahuantinsuyo.

he medicine of Wachuma is very good for treatments and healing of Alzheimer, Anxiety, the nervous systems, Madness, Addictions, Impotency, Depressions, Childhood Trauma, helps with the process of Griefing, self-acceptance, etc. The sacred medicine requires a ceremonial setting where each participant can fully engage with oneself in save and protected energetic environment. The ceremony is all day. Recomandable to have the next day off, at least in the morning. Generaly We meet at 10:00am and we will be back around 20-22pm. Cleansing with tabaco, energetically, and there is the possibility to work with the medicine Romé poto (Rapé). Medicine songs The ceremonies will be guided by the energy of YANANTIN, sacred feminine and masculine, we have been working with respect, seriousness and conscience for several years of experience from heart to heart. Our path is a path of praxis in sowing, synchronizing in community and in Tahuantinsuyo in order to live in harmony with the goddess Pachamama our beloved cosmic mother. This is a transformative time to learn to be in togetherness and sacred prayer of consciousness here and now. This ceremony is based on the heart communion and sacred spiritual and transformative medicines of the Tahua Inti Suyo, includes rape'h and other healing techniques from the Moche, Chavin and Inca cultures. Some requirements for the ceremony: • Empty stomach in the mornings (only a bit of water or tea) • Bring some fruits, nuts, or other, to share at the end of the ceremony. • Rain poncho/ warm clothes for later in the afternoon. • Preparation physical: 3 days no alcohol, drugs, medications, healthy food, no meat, abstain from sexual activity. • Preparation Mentally: Meditation, Setting Intention, • Preparation Energetically: NO discussions, TV, intense movies, loud music, lessening judgments. Contemplate on what you would like to heal and release within yourself, present or past life situations; what energies or experiences to be transmuted into light; learn to surrender to the medicines, for the plants. I am you. You are me. We are One. It’s always nice to meet in a round circle like a family we are to share what we like to accomplish or what was our experiences or contributions, we are learning together, we enrich together and we heal together, Aho! · E-mail: sofiabuchuck@aol.co.uk · Website: www.sofiabuchuck.com · Tel: 07928 599416 Sofia (also whatsapp-telegram) · Tel: 07759 819619 Tom (also whatsapp-telegram)

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