11/13-12 Glastonbury Crystalline Heart

12:12 portal Reset and Rebirth Divine Feminine & Sacred Masculine





11th - 13st December 2020.

We are so pleased to journey and honour the temple of the heart of mother earth, in this transcendental times to be reborn in the feminine and masculine waters of the temple of the goddess.

Welcome! Beloved brothers and sisters you are invited to share this unique experience, to deeply immerse your selves in to the healing temples of sacred plants and medicines of the Amazon, this plants will come with sacred codes to heal, transform and access a full empowerment of our soul, body and mind. This is a very special shamanic journey of rebirth in this transcendental moments in one of the most powerful chakras of the world, here in the heart of the temples of Avalon-Glastonbury. We will be bathing ourselves in sacred white water and red water temples honouring both sacred feminine and sacred masculine.

Medicines of pachamama, heal us from within, integrating, celebrating, honouring and allowing full empowerment of our selves from our roots, journeying with grandmother, one of the most powerful plant spirit healers of the Universe. We are also very happy to integrate with a masculine plant medicines of the Andes the grandfather Wachumito, to root, and integrate both the heavens and earth here in this precise time of our lives.

Both plant medicines and Q’ero Codes come from the sacred Q’apaq Nan, ancestral Tawa Inti Suyo spiritual path.

We will be integrating with light codes of the femenine goddess Tara which has been recently activated in the month of August and September, accessing to beautiful healing codes of femenine energies and prosperity, also to be able to be attuned in the the 5th dimension and received the sophiaic codes in to the grids of mother earth in Ireland.

Plus, centering ourselves in the energetic temples of the Goddess which is also located very close by so will be taking a beautiful tuning of our energies for a beautiful togetherness of UNITY and rooting that we so much need in this times also to bring this to our families and communities once we come back.

Our retreat will be led by a Peruvian Shaman from Cusco Peru, is also known as Illan Quilla.

Our Team:

Sofa Buchuck (Illan Quilla)

Moon Light. Chakawarmi Medicine woman from Cusco-Peru, ethnomusicologist, and musician at the Musical School of Mexico, and

London. A member of Mosoq Tahua Inti Suyo of the Qapa’q Nan, Incan spiritual path Peru, she supports healing with master plants at ancestralceremonies. Trained with Shipibo Conibo, Shwar, and Q’ero lineages, walking the Toltec Spiritual Path, and a Priestess of the Rose Temples of Avalon. She canalizes women circles since 1998 in London, and holds retreats in Peru, and South America for many years, through Quilla Sonqo, and Medicines

of Pachamama. Welcomes also individual healings, and Moon circles.

Thomas Schoemaker (Willka Sunquqnan)

Medicine man and healer from Holland, has lived more than ten years in Peru, training and healing in the Tawa Inti Suyo path, working with master plants and maestro of ceremonies, he is a rape’h maestro and heals with tobacco, musician and sound healer.

This opportunity we will be in the beautiful and magical lands of Ireland, re-connecting to the beautiful energies of nature, and the sea, washing away any unwanted energies, reconnecting with mother water and mother sea, but also re-birthing with father fire in a special ceremony from Moche culture to let go the past and fully embrace the present and welcoming the future.

We specialize in the Tahuantinsuyo medicines to reconnect with our four ancestors, and by doing this we recognize the spirits of fire, water, wind and earth. Reconnecting with ancestral Q’ero teachings and Lemuria codes, as part of this particular journey. your family.


Friday 11th December:

Mother medicine we will be serving our sacred mother medicine, light codes, music and Icaros, arrival 7pm to 3am ceremony session. Rest until 9am.

Saturday 12th December:

9am, Breakfast

10am, Shamanic healing Tawa Inti suyo:

We will have one-day meditation with the temples of Tawa inti suyo, shamanic learning, plus meditation to the temples of the Rose, with Rose codes of the goddesses of Avalon, healing the throat chakra- reconnecting to mind, heart and all body chakras cleansing and protecting.

Beautiful altar to take next day to Glastonbury perhaps, working on healing sacred masculine and Divine Feminine Learning how to protect your solar plexus and sacred energy fields.

Lunch: Organic food.

4pm, Medicine music workshop: Medicine music workshop and healing with sound bath.

5pm Rest until 7pm

8pm, We start second night of Mother medicine until 3am.

Sunday 13th December:

10 am grandfather medicine .

We will be visiting our sacred space and temple of Avalon, where we will receive powerful codes and alignment from the temple of the Rose and the beautiful healing of throat connection heart and mind, plus healing of the goddesses of Avalon, integrating our sacred feminine and sacred masculine, will let go and liberate our mothers and grandmothers’ spirits and by doing so we are also liberating our forthcoming new generation of women in our family, daughters, nieces, children.

We will be visiting the goddess temple in Glastonbury to do this ceremony where we will at the end bath in this sacred temple.

We will also visit the Tor which is very powerful place to stablish and energize our chakras one by one, meditating in each spot until we reach the crown chakra, when we come back we can visit the chalice wells to leave flowers in gratitude for union, togetherness and children, or equally gratitude for already having those in our lives.

We will heal the sacred femenine energies, receive our codes of light and canalized the energy of centre for this will learn some Q’ero codes to be present in the present, Kay Pacha. Energy of the jaguar and holding your centre with Lemuria codes activation.

After that will continue our ceremony in nature in a nearby park depending of the weather, we may at some point return home for a warmer space and fire

Back to home by 8pm, fire circle, preparation for mama cacao.

Mama Cacao is a gift includes rape’h, Chrystal healing, and medicine music concert until 12pm.

Healing with Lemuria codes, moon magic medicine.

Preparation for the retreat:

Cleansing has an impact on our journey, and the ceremony space. We

recommend clean living, and eating, for at least a week prior.

No sex (or masturbation)

No meat (steak, chicken, pork etc.)

No fatty foods

No spices, or citrus

No street drugs

No alcohol

Contemplate on what you would like to heal within yourself, present or

past life situations; what energies or experiences to be transmuted into

light; learn to surrender to medicines as a white canvas, for the plants.

I am you. You are me. We are One.

Integration and gratitude to the sacred spirits and closure.

It’s always nice to meet in a round circle like a family we are to share what we like to accomplish or what was our experiences or contributions, we are learning together, we enrich together and we heal together, Aloha!

Ayni or energetic retribution:

Retreat includes: Plant medicine, full sound, Chrystal healing, other plant medicines to treat special conditions, light, Lemuria and Q’ero codes canalization, sacred spiritual path teachings. Food, accommodation, fire, and all other facilities. All included three ceremonies two mothers one wachuma, plus all codes and activations . Only one mother or one grandfather also possible.

For the ones who have done the feminine dieta we have special discount, welcome to join us.

Please contact us for the contribution.

What to bring:

Comfortable clothes, soap, toilet paper, white dress or clothes for ceremony, strong shoes for rainy season************** sacred drum or instruments if so wished even crystals or talismans. Ladies welcome to bring your moon blood for offerings, men can offer their seed if they wish to connect to sacred feminine, sacred masculine sexuality. Fruits or seeds or even flowers to offer to mother earth or to offered to the altar. A great heart to learn and be able to share and be loved, transformed, rebirth it.

We are family, we are one tribe, we are one mind, one heart, children of Pachamama.

Aloha !!!

I am you, you are me, for Life!!!


You can achieve:

Full transformations, our mother earth medicines heal, cancer, depression, madness, alcoholism, any other addictions.

Bringing centered mind, consciousness, togetherness, happiness, learning to live in equilibrium, spiritual awakening, channeling higher dimension vibrations to heal the soul, rebirth and life changing experiences.

Connecting to ancestors, past lives, healing sexual energies in to sacredness and liberation of mind control. More centered, peace, forgiveness, past lives integrations, activation of third eye, full connection to higher dimensions, 5D awakening and I am divine reclamation.

Living in equilibrium with mother earth as cosmic seed beings that we are, reclaiming our full potential and gifts to life.


Sharing with love and respect, for life, we are all children of the earth, of the sun, the moon and love. Aniay, aniay, gratitude. Nuke ati.

I am you, you are me. We are One.!!!

More information and to confirm your participation to the following contacts:

· E-mail: sofiabuchuck@aol.co.uk / sofia@sofiabuchuck.com

· Website: www.sofiabuchuck.com

· Tel: 07928599416

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