16-02 Circle of the Heart, Golden Inner Child

Circle of the Heart, Golden inner Child

Blessings from our Sacred Heart Dear Brothers and Sisters.

On Tuesday the 16th of February I am creating a sacred space for our Brothers in London, a Circle of the Heart, a circle of the Word, where we gather and share our experiences and points of view of our life experiences.

The essence of this Circle of the Heart is to reconnect ourselves from our Heart centre and release, heal and expand our consciousness with the power of the word, the expression of the heart. Release of fear and shame, Quilt and anger. Empowerment of our Sacred masculine energy, honouring our Divine Feminine energy shedding old and obsolete concepts of being a man, being a Human, revealing our Golden inner Child that is calling out to our present self.

Our Golden Inner Child is in need of Both parental parts, our Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine energies. Empathy, Compassion and Love.

During the Sacred Circle of the Heart I will share from my personal experiences and help guide and shift energy and perspective on several topics and areas of our Life.

Now is the Time, Now is the Moment, To step up and take responsibility for our own life experiences and take control of the direction and creation of our Life. Each and every one has the opportunity to talk and share his experience in a save and confidential space.

In the Circle of the Heart we share from the Heart and we listen with the Heart. We do not interfere or discuss when someone is speaking, we listen and hold space.

Guided by Tom Schoenmaker (Willka Sunquqñan) Medicine man and healer born in the Netherlands, has lived more than ten years in Peru, training and healing in the Tahua Inti Suyo path, working with sacred master plants and maestro of ceremonies, rape’h maestro and heals with tobacco, musician and sound healer, intuitive healer, Circle of the Word, Quantum creation.

The Contribution or donation for this Circle of the Heart is voluntary.

I Believe in the Natural dynamics of Giving and receiving, reciprocity, therefore This sharing is by donation, what resonates with and from your Heart.

I share from my Heart, how that resonates for each and every one is different, how each and every one value and interpret the experience is different. Interchange and exchange wants to be fluid and dynamic, free flow of energy, giving unconditionally, Receiving unconditionally.

Donations are always welcome and appreciated from my Heart.

This Circle of the Heart, Golden Inner Child, is a Physical meeting between brothers who are present in and around London. Alongside I will Launch the Circle of the heart via internet as well, where we can meet in a Virtual Circle. The language spoken in this Circle of the Heart in London will be in English, though I do speak Spanish, Dutch and German as well. The Circle of the Heart online will be in Spanish and English.

For more info, exact location and contact:

Whatsapp/Telegram: +51 914031149 (Tom)

Whatsapp: +44 07928599416 (Sofia)

E-mail: sofia@sofiabuchuck.com

E-mail: tomschoenmaker76@gmail.com

Website: www.sofiabuchuck.com

Donation: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/sofiabuchuck

Description: Circle of the Heart

Blessings from my Sacred Heart, Until our next encounter,

Willka Sunquqñan, Sacred Path of the Heart

Tom Schoenmaker

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