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22-09 Divine Femenine Killa Qonyay Cacao Ceremony

Beloved sisters and brothers,

those who feel in your hearts to come and celebrate this two powerful portals, the 21st is the Autumn equinox portal bringing total transformation and healing family patterns, to liberate us in to the true selves, and trespass all attachments, concepts on to liberating us and our family lineages on to a new alignment of love, truth and free from past trauma.

We also celebrate in the Incan solar and lunar calendar the sacred Killa Qonyay, full moon ceremony, opening a portal to honor our creativity, welcoming a time of rejuvenation, richness, celebrating the fertility of our beloved goddess Pachamama and all her, fruits, powerful gifts and beauty. Will make a potent mandala of flowers, fruits and candles, to welcome a new time of security, confidence and prosperity from with in, and new cycle of love and planting new seeds.

Using Toltec codes will manifest all cilices of the moon as this portal of equinox allows us to do so. Will celebrate with cacao pure and delicious all the way from CACAO CHUNCO from Cusco RAINFOREST, to immerse on the subtropical flower, fruits, smells with delicious plants of the Amazon to heal the heart and childhood memories and remember you are child of mother earth, you are a child of light.

Rapecito will be serve for those who love to have a deeper journey or grounding, welcome!

Come and share medicine songs, prayers, memories of your childhood, or simple come and be showered with our love and songs all the way from our sacred tribes and paths of love. Offerings for the night all included 35 pounds. bring flowers, dress in white, be wild and creative, bring a maraca or drum to sing. Bring your crystals to co create an altar, bring songs and an open heart for transformation. Women bring your moon blood to plant on a sacred seeding we learn and share for future women circle creation and full conexion with our beloved goddess. Sharing with love and respect.

Sofia Buchuck Illa Killa and Thomas Schoenmaker, sharing in Yanantin.

Aloha for life. You are me, I am you.!! Nuke a ti.! She, she.!

Sofia Buchuck, Illa Killa. Canalizes women circles since 1996. Medicine woman from Cusco Peru, Chakawarmi, Maestra of sacred plant medicines of the Amazon and the Andes. Priestess of the Rose of Avalon, isis and Maria Magdalene, keeper of the Toltec, Inca and Q'ero teachings.

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