24-1 Workshop making of Florid Water

Workshop making of Florid Water (Agua Florida)

Welcome dear brothers and sisters.

This is a unique workshop learning the magic of making aqua florida in the Amazonian style, using sacred seeds of the Amazon to activate the perfume of flower. We have been running this workshops for over 6 years in different parts of Europe and the Americas, it includes plants of the Amazon and the sacred Andes of Cusco Peru. Also waters and sacred plants of the temples of the Rose of England and waters of sacred sites. We collect over the years plenty of wisdom from our ancestors in both Andes, Amazon and Mountains, it includes making perfumes of the Sacred lakes of the Guaringas well known place of magic in Peru where plants are always alive even when taken out of the lakes bringing beauty, prosperity, love and many other essences.

We include local Avalonian plants, sacred light language codes and ancestral songs.

Because of the current situations we only have a very limited space for 4 people, prices are incredibly accessible, everyone is welcome!

Enchanting smells can open new vibration and perception of the world and attracts love, tranquility, ideal for healing spaces.

Bookings and reservations are recommended as there are limited spaces.

To reserve a spot please contact Sofia Buchuck

Limited space, Includes all materials.

What to Bring:

Flowers, to decorate the altar

Facilitated by Illan Quilla, Sofia Buchuck:

From Cusco Peru, she is a singer, poet and ethnomusicologist. Comes from a shamanic lineage, trained by the Shipibo Conibo, Shuar and Quechua traditions. Guardian of the Tahuantinsuyo spirituality and Cosmo vision.

She is Chakawarmi - medicine woman or curandera, bridge between universes, healing with plant dieta, sacred master plant ceremonies, and canalizes woman circles with Qero despacho's and medicines of the Andes.

Website: www.sofiabuchuck.com

Email: sofia@sofiabuchuck.com and sofiabuchuck@aol.co.uk

Phone: +44 (0)7928599416

Contact Sofia:

For one to one healing's, Plant treatments, workshops, womb healing, rape’h initiations, retreats.

Medicines of mother earth co-creating together to empower community healing. Rescuing the traditions of different cultures of the Tahuantinsuyo communities, to protect and heal in a integral journey and integration. For life.

Aho! Urpillay Sunqullay!

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