27-02 Full Moon Ceremony

Updated: Feb 23


27 February, Control Saturn, and Freedom, Innovation Uranus.

Beloved goddesses and sisters, welcome to join us this coming 27th of February on an full moon in Virgo, so powerful night of feminine empowerment in full moon, This would be an enormous empowerment to people to rise to face life and bring changes.

The power of 8th sacred feminine, Aquarius energy the power of the people. Saturn and Uranus has to do with mental construct, how we see the world, consciousness, how we conceive the world, is not lineal, it is raw, and it is savage, truth and clarity. Shines light in to the darkness, revelations, disclosures and seeing the light and truth in the dark. No more toleration of luck of integrity, in that collapse of the system we are ready to reclaim and Rise all the way through the sacred temples of the feminine in this full moon. Reclaiming temples of Isis and Hatrod goddess, healing the womb, ovaries of Pachamama both in us too, bringing justice, equilibrium, dignity, togetherness and soveranity.

Jupiter in Aquarius expand any concept of the cosmos and science, so our perception of the universal connection, fast innovations in science and development. New technologies, new approaches to creation in harmony with mother earth, all innovations for healing artefacts are being created and fast development.

The use of music and meditations is part of our healing sessions in channelling higher dimensions from Sirius, Actuarial energies and other sacred temples to bring the power of the temples of the Rose priestesses and Rising goddesses to be alien with the cosmic time of ascension in this powerful night. Full moon is a magical opportunity in connecting to the moon through the cosmic Toltec and Lemurian codes I been practicing for some years now, I can feel how we are sacredly connected to all dimensions as much as we continue our spiritual path.

Connection with Virgo is the link with Uranus, the electrical powers of our body can be felt on every cell, connecting powerfully with the kundalini ready to empower every sacred power points of our body and the universe. High mental energy, consciousness to see with clear from a place of truth, from the heart in connection with your head. The magic of breading takes us to the temples of the Moon, the sun and other dimensions, plus planting our sacred moon blood and learning how to connect with Mama Killa, and Pachamama of the Tahua Inti Suyo spiritual path.

This is the time to focus on one objective in full moon this set objective will be shining in the light of the moon to be achieved. Plus this will blossom in this time. Ancient wisdom keeper’s mothers and grandmothers had kept this sacred ceremony for us to continue empowering and connecting with magic and releasing old patters that kept us in to the past, so releasing the past is important. There may be times of criticism tendency of Mercury to be perfectionist and habits, learning to let it go, acceptance and transformation. Learning to let go negativity and focus in positivism, time to Rise and shine.

Healing feminine lineages, healing feminine powerful figures and liberate yourself by knowing more about feminine arquetypes, releasing, forgiving, honouring and liberating.

What to bring Moon blood, water, fruits to share. By Zoom set your altar, roses, white or red, Goddesses or grandmother, or mother photographs, strong feminine figures you honour. Cacao sacred drink or special tea, from the temple of the roses. I can suggest one, contact me. Musical instrument. Dress white dress or Red to fully embrace your power.

In person 35 pounds on Zoom 30 pounds.

Do contact me if you struggling to make payments, always welcome sister.

With love and gratitude, always in love, always in truth in the power of the feminine magic, to heal to transform to celebrate.

Aloha - Awen!!!!

Sofia Buchuck- Illa Killa.

Canalized by Sofia Buchuck, Illa Killa

Chakawarmi from the spiritual path of Tahua Inti Suyo, works with sacred plant medicines, maestro of ceremonies. Priestess of the Rose and wisdom keeper of the Toltec wisdom. She works canalizing women circles in London since 1989 and teachings ancestral healings both in Peru and UK. More information please visit. www.sofiabuchuck.com

• E-mail: sofiabuchuck@aol.co.uksofia@sofiabuchuck.com

• Website: www.sofiabuchuck.com

• Tel: 07928599416 (also whatsapp)

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