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Celebrate with sacred Tawa Inti Suyo Ceremony, and sacred plant medicine Wachumito, this beautiful portal brings to us an opportunity to raise our consciousness and come to harmony with mother earth through this powerful offering.

When we are offering to mother earth, we do it from a deep connection to all our universe, to say thank you to each member of our family, communities and love ones. We also say thank you to each animal, plant, trees and all living beings around us, specially our solar and lunar parents. Through communicating with them from a place or truth, forgiveness and harmony, by recognizing our reality we heal, transform and empower us to come to new place of harmony and realign with our universe to the new time of sacredness.

In this Lion portal will be honouring as well the new moon, making this ceremonial offering very special in a deep connection to our cosmic mother Earth Pachamama. We celebrate with music, dances and poems, do bring yours as well and share if you feel it from your heart.

Sharing the sacred Wachumito sacred plant medicine will be sharing in a sacred space, respecting different times, to leave the past and come to our present, will focus very much in our sacred feminine and sacred masculine.

Will recognized ourselves and renew our universe, celebrate our life and reconnect with our 4 altars, Mother water, Mother earth, Father fire, Father Wind, Mother moon and father Sun.

Welcome to join us on this special portal of transformation, love, and empowerment.

To confirm your participation, more info, booking, exact location

to the following contacts:

· E-mail: sofiabuchuck@aol.co.uk

· Website: www.sofiabuchuck.com

· Tel: 07928 599416 Sofia (also whatsapp-telegram)

· Tel: 07759 819619 Tom (also whatsapp-telegram)

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