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Chakapa and Aqua Florida workshop Andean and Amazonian magic.

Welcome to join us in learning how to make the most exquisite aqua Florida with wildflowers from Avalon, especially these days of summer when we have wide range of wildflowers and roses. We also use traditional seeds from the Amazon teachings of the Shipibo Conibo and Machiguenge magic, the use of different roots for love, prosperity, and good luck. Will have an opportunity to learn about blossoming or florecimiento, and receive a special and personalized florecimiento. You will learn to make aqua Florida and take one home. Chakapa is a sacred instrument that is only used in healing spaces in the jungle, the Amazonian people have a connection to the forest with this powerful healing instrument you can also heal diverse illnesses connecting to universes through, song, perfume, and other plants. Welcome to explore these traditional teachings given to me by my powerful teachers of the jungle my ancestors whom I honor and respect deeply.

Energetic exchange or ayni for both 108 plus teachings all full experience.

Booking fee is 40 pounds, minimum.

telephone -07514607873

Kawsaypaq! For life.


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