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Glastonbury retreat Inka Avalon, 14, 15 July. Powerful journey in to the unknown.

Welcome beloved brothers and sisters, to our sacred, magical, and intimate retreat. Will be immersed in the magical lands, temples, and fairy trees of Glastonbury. Will visit, womb temples to channel powerful goddesses, goddess ceremonies, Fairy and elfos caves, and water springs. Tawa Intisuyo teachings and medicines of mother earth. Inka sacred Qero codes to weave life from magical realms, the ancestral cultures of the Tawa Inti Suyo spiritual path, liberating us truly and magically in the bliss of liberation and spiritual awakening to be in service to love and mother earth from a place of Love and sacredness.

Two-day program. Includes Tawa Inti suyo workshops, Offerings to the earth, mother water in Chalisse Wells, and deep birthing of a new time unifying divine feminine and divine masculine in the temple of the goddess of Glastonbury.

For more information welcome to contact us. Blessings Illan Killa. For more info contact us. Ver menos

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