22-11: Heart Medicine Tahua Inti Suyo

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Beloved brothers and sisters, we welcome you to join us this coming Sunday and heal with the grandfather master plant medicine of the Andes, and offerings to mother earth on this great portal 22/11/22.

We will be healing the body, mind and spirit, with powerful medicines of the Tahua Inti Suyo spiritual path, with the presence and knowledge of healer - Thomas Schoenmaker who has been living in Peru and learning in the sacred valley of the Incas. As well as offering to mother earth for the protection and prayers to open and receive full activations on this portal 22/11/22. by Illan Quilla, healer and shaman from Cusco Peru, Chakawarmi.

Welcome to be part of our sacred spiritual family in Avalon-England by sharing and learning from Tahua Inti suyo path. The teachings of new Pachakuti, the return to mother earth.

We will be sharing some powerful teachings of the Q'ero Codes to live in Harmony with mother earth,... prayers, offerings, medicine songs from the heart.

This is a transformative time to learn to be in togetherness and sacred prayer of counciosusnes here and now. This event is based on the heart communion and sacred spiritual and transformative medicines of the Tahua Inti Suyo, includes rape'h and other healing techniques from the Moche and Inca cultures, for more detailed information about the upcoming days please contact us;

We move in small groups in these special times.

We work in Yanantin:

sacred femenine & sacred masculine.

Illan Quilla-Willka Sunquqnan

Tel: +44 (0)7928599416

If you heal, I heal, we heal, mother earth PACHAMAMA, medicines of the earth.


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