MOSOQ PACHA - NEW EARTH KAIA IMMERSION. Medicines of Pachamama. 14th-17th Aug. 2020. Wales Retreat.

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Welcome, beloved brothers and sisters, thank you for joining us in this transformative and healing journey, on peaceful, beautiful, and safe hills, in the sacred crystalline heart of Wales.

We are sharing the powerful medicines of Pachmama, and are honoured to ofer ceremony in a prayer to to heal us, our families, and Gaia (our great mother earth). Our journey includes sacred sacred master plants and medicines, to heal and teach us in becoming a better version of ourselves, to be in service, and rising in love.

We honour the plants and temples of mother earth to tune in to the light in this time of unity and togetherness. We are clearing karmic bonds and freeing ourselves, receiving new awareness in our connected Fifth Dimensional state of togetherness.

Our Journey Holding space in the heart of the forest of Wales, amongst nature, resonating in harmony with our beloved Gaia, and our own hearts.

Listening to the teachings of sacred spiritual paths of the Tahua Inti Suyo, the Toltec and Temples of the Rose of Avalon, we are bringing insight into our lives, supporting growth in this transcendental time, developing new higher dimensions of consciousness. We are transforming and brightening our realities for visions of a New Gaia, Mosoq Pacha. Our ancestral wisdom rises to the forefront of our awareness, we see who we are, where we are, and where we are going.

It is important we integrate these powerful codes of light which fow through our being in this cosmic transformation. This journey is one of unity, commonality, and co-creation. Together, we are transforming. We are the sacred child of Pachamama. We are children of the Sun, and of Love.

The Immersion

This retreat is lead by Sofa Buchuck, medicine Woman and Sister from Cusco Peru, otherwise known as Illan Quilla, a Chakawarmi, a bridge between universes, and a woman of the multi-verse.

Initiated in the temples of Tahua Inti Suyo. Quechua, Shwar, Shipibo, and Machigenge lineage, member of the Mosoq Tahua Inti Suyo, Qapaq Nan, the elders of the Incan path, leading the spiritual path of South AmericaAbby Adyala.

Sofia is a priestess of the Temples of the Rose and Avalon, and guardian of the Toltec Temples. Through her spirit work she will be guiding us, connecting us with sacred codes of common unity, togetherness, and the power of “I am”, Noqaq kani. Activating codes to align us with universal new earth grids, the feminine temples, and multi-galactic codes of New Gaia. Plant medicines take us there, but preparation essential in our transformative integration.

We are all children of the earth, the stars, the sun, and the moon.

Our Ceremony Space

We have privileged access to one of the most sacred spaces of Wales, connecting with the magical lands, waters and tree spirits of these lands. Here we are celebrating living nature, connecting to our solar and lunar guardians, walking in to the stone circles, chanting, and bringing forth ceremonial songs to unite with our ancestors, through sacred fre, water, wind, and earth. We invoke ancestral Q’ero teachings, and Lemurian codes, as part of this particular journey. Please contact Sofia for further details. E-mail:

Tel: 07928599416

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