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Retreat to the sacred valley of the Incas Cusco Peru.

Sacred feminine and masculine at the Inca temples of the moon and sun.

A fascinating medicine journeying in to the wisdom of ancestral medicines, healing your feminine and masculine lineage, healing in the sacred Inca temples, learning to heal with lemurian codes and Qero codes to transcend in to a truer dimension of yourself. Healing the karmatic energies of our lineage and ourselves in the inca temples of the moon and the sun. Journeying to sacred stone sites and healing with Wachuma a true medicine for love and forgiveness to centre and to allow your selves to clear completely any depression of sadness.

This medicine will be serve by a powerful shaman and healer also one of the most talented musicians and medicine man of Cusco, his well known internationally and also holds the temple of sound in his retreat centre, his name is Intir wary which means worrier of the Sun, This retreat will also include different plant diets, embracing life fully and cleansing your selve with sacred plants of the Andes and the Amazon with diets and clearing the blood.

Includes mother Ayahuasca ceremonies, visit the stones cities of Ollantaytambo, Saqsayhuaman, temples of water and initiations in to Lemurian codes in a breath taking retreat centre between sacred Apus in Ollantaytambo.

The retreat includes:

Blood cleansing with a special diet.

Whole system reset for clearing any ilnesess.

5 Wachuma ceremonies.

2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies.

Healing sacred masculine and feminine lineages.

Visit the temple of the moon and the sun.

Visit Inca cities of Ollantaytambo and Saqsayhuaman, plus other hidden sacred temples.

Baths in sacred waters for healing and re-birthing.

Living in one of the most exquisite and breath taking retreats of Cusco.

Full vegetarian and Peruvian food,

Sharing with local communities of the Qero and Quechua lineages.

Music concert with cacao medicine and singing workshops to sing medicine songs and Icaros at the

Sound temple.

Healing with medicine plants, Lemurian codes, Qero codes and medicine music.

Healing your family and lineages through workshops and initiations.

All welcome, restricted number of participants maximum 13.

What to bring: sleeping bag, lantern, repellent.

Lots of love and open heart to heal and learn. Contact Sofia on email for further details and price.

Place of retreat Cusco Peru, Ollantaytambo, we meet at Cusco Airport.

Duration: 10 days from the 22 of July onwards to the 2 August.

Healing team includes shamans of the Andes and the Amazon.

Inti Wari. Shaman from Cusco Peru, maestro, diet and Wachuma medicines, also healing with sound and humpina wasi or temascal.

Illan Quilla. Sofia Buchuck, ethnomusicologist, medicine woman from Cusco Peru.

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Sofia is a maestra of sacred plant medicines ceremonies. Chakawarmi, with a Shipibo Conibo, Shwar and Q’ero lineage.
She holds woman's circles, singing circles, individual healing and shamanic teachings.