Winter Solstice Retreat Ireland


18th,19th,20th,21st December 2020.


Welcome! Beloved brothers and sisters you are invited to share this unique experience, to deeply immerse ourselves in to the healing temples of sacred plants of the jungle and their sacred codes, in this transcendental moments of change and rebirth. Medicines of mother Earth that heal us from within, as well as medicines of the Andes, the grandfather, plus learning sacred spiritual codes of the Tahua Inti Suyo path.

We will be integrating with light codes of the Q’ hapaq Raymi (Winter Solstice), accessing to beautiful healing codes of feminine and masculine energies and prosperity, also to be able to be attuned in the the 5th dimension and received the sophiaic codes in to the grids of mother earth in Ireland.

Centring ourselves in the energetic temples of New Grange, which is also located very close by, tuning our energies in for a beautiful togetherness of UNITY and rooting, that we so much need in this times, also to bring and share this with our families and communities.

Our retreat will be led by a Peruvian Shaman from Cusco Peru, is also known as

Sofia Buchuck (Illan Quilla.)

Our Team

Sofa Buchuck (Illan Quilla)

Moon Light. Chakawarmi Medicine woman from Cusco-Peru,

ethnomusicologist, and musician at the Musical School of Mexico, and

London. A member of Mosoq Tahua Inti Suyo of the Qapa’q Nan Incan

spiritual path Peru, she supports healing with master plants at ancestral


Trained with Shipibo Conibo, Shwar, and Q’ero lineages, walking the

Toltec Spiritual Path, and a Priestess of the Rose Temples of Avalon. She

canalizes women circles since 1998 in London, and holds retreats in Peru,

and South America for many years, through Quilla Sonqo, and Medicines

of Pachamama. Welcomes also individual healings, and Moon circles.

Thomas Schoenmaker (Willka Sunquqñan):

Medicine man and healer from Holland, has lived more than ten years in Peru, training and healing in the Tahua Inti Suyo path, working with master plants and maestro of ceremonies, he is a rape’h maestro and heals with tobacco, musician and sound healer. Walking the sacred path of the Heart, Willka Sunquqñan.

This opportunity we will be in the beautiful and magical lands of Ireland, re-connecting to the beautiful energies of nature, and the sea, washing away any unwanted energies, reconnecting with mother water and mother sea, but also re-birthing with father fire in a special ceremony from Moche culture to let go the past and fully embrace the present and welcoming the future.

We specialize in the Tahuantinsuyo medicines to reconnect with our four ancestors, and by doing this we recognize the spirits of fire, water, wind and earth. Reconnecting with ancestral Q’ero teachings and Lemuria codes, as part of this particular journey. your family.

Preparation for the retreat:

Cleansing has an impact on our journey, and the ceremony space. We

recommend clean living, and eating, for at least a week prior.

No sex (or masturbation)

No meat (steak, chicken, pork etc.)

No fatty foods

No spices, or citrus

No street drugs

No alcohol

Contemplate on what you would like to heal within yourself, present or

past life situations; what energies or experiences to be transmuted into

light; learn to surrender to mother nature as a white canvas.

I am you. You are me. We are One.

For more detailed information Please contact us:

+44 (0)7928599416

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