Mama Cocha Retreat
Return of the cosmic waters
20 available seats

Day 1:
18:00 pm
Welcome circle of the word
20:00 pm
Day 2:
10:00 am
Breakfast, cleaning, organizing
Teachings Tahuantinsuyo,
Lunch, Cleaning, Rest, walk in the woods, meditation,
Medicine Music, teachings, Yoga, other activity
20:00 pm
Day 3:
No breakfast
We will be serving our sacred grandfather medicine, during the ceremony we will have:
Sacred Fire ceremony, Empowerment of our Inner Child.
Qero codes to Anchor to the earth and reclaim your soul as a child of the earth.
Healing the past onto the present, honouring your family and sacred seed.
Offering to mother water, The Cosmic Ocean, healing your universe.
Cutting dark codes and dark time on to the light, Mama Cao Sword of light,
Condorsito special drink to connect with the stars.

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Mama Cocha Retreat Brighton

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