Rape'h Initiation, Lemurian Codes & Shamanic Healing.
Sun 23rd Aug. 11am-6pm

Beloved brothers and sisters this is our unique Rapéh initiation Workshop, we offer you a lovely combination of traditions and knowledge. In this opportunity we will be sharing the practical different techniques of blowing in connection with sacred spirits of the Amazon, passed to me by a Native Brazilian medicine Rape'h Woman Healer. These teachings have also chants and empowering us to go to other energetic dimensions, for healing, empowerment, movement, and transformation.

In this workshop, each participant will have the opportunity to receive the sacred medicine in a safe and protective environment. There will be an opportunity to interact and do your practices to each other, as well as apply medicine to your selves, and also receive sacred medicine for your own healing process. Includes teachings and initiations in sacred directions, some numerology and ancestral munayki and Lemurian codes Both from the Q;ero Inka and Lemurian Toltec Aztec traditions, both to establish harmony and spiritual healing.

Plus use of chakapa + agua Florida and smugging.
£200. Booking via www.aho.community website. 8 places only.
Or contact Sofia via 07928599416 for further details.
Location, Aho Studio. 13 Prince Edward Rd, E9 5LX

You may bring your own rape'h applicator, water come in comfortable clothes.
You can bring flowers or a sacred stone to share in our altar.
Bring a notebook to take some teachings.
An open and worrier heart to take this new path of loving medicines of Pachamama.

We will start with a altar to do a meditation to invoke the spirit of Grandfather Tobacco through a guided meditation to the temple of Tabaco, tayta Sayre, before rapéh medicine.

Each application will be followed by a different direction so we learn to work with the energy of elements and sacred directions of the Tahuantinsuyo Munaki Path. There will be an opportunity to try many different kinds of rapéh, and each allows us entering in different energetic dimensions.

We will also learn to apply to each other and individual applications, the passing or spiritual powers when initiation with rapeh will come as a final part. We will learn chants and songs of Rapeh, as well as opening and closing space for our future patients and rapeh medicine therapy to clear different conditions.

This initiation is only open to already known people in the medicine community who had completed the Tabacco dieta, to be in full connection with one of the most powerful plants Spirit tayta sayre and are ready to receive these powerful medicines, in love, integrity and compromise with this sacred path. Spiritual path will be opening a new dimension allowing you to become part of our tribe.

Also after the initiation we recommend 31 days self Rapeh application, and after this lapse of time, you will be able to serve Rapeh to patients. Aho!!

For life!!

Cacao Ceremony & Medicine Music Concert at Aho.
Sat 8th Aug, 7-10pm

Welcome beloved brothers and sisters, we like to share with you beautiful Cacao Medicine ceremony in presence after a long time of waiting to be closer to you. This time our ceremony comes from two powerful cultures, from Peruvian Cacao with Toltec participation of Mexico, as well as a beautiful and powerful line up of professional musicians from South America.  

Sofia Buchuck  a healer from Peru comes to sing together with multi-instrumentalists musicians, such as: Vicki Cespedes, from Bolivia, Santiago Horna, Wilfredo Avalos and Jose Navarro from Peru.

This session will include a guide meditation to the temple of crystalline heart of Mosoq Pacha, or New KAIA, Sophia, Magdalene, in this new portal of ascension, connecting us from our heart, to the sun and to mother earth. Aligning perfectly with this beautiful medicine of mama cacao, which awakens and heals the heart.

Tonight we will sing songs of the Andes and the Amazon Rain forest to defend the life and the plants of our beloved healing lands, plant spirits and animals, as well as to bring the spirit of Native American Festival in London, and the original languages and medicines of this sacred land, which is part of the world as we all are children of mother earth.

Specially to celebrate this cultures alive who sustain mother earths medicines and their teachings but also to say no more to the abuse to our brothers and sisters in the Rain forest, bringing consciousness as we are all ONE.

Reclaiming our beautiful energies of love and togetherness in order to help this transition into higher energetic dimensions. The music from Peru with ancestral instruments and pre-Colombian languages, such as Quechua, Aymara, Shipibio con reconnect with spirits of the Rain forest and sacred mountains.


Investment: £35 in advance via www.aho.community website. 12 places only.

Location, Aho Studio. 13 Prince Edward Rd, E9 5LX

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Sofia is a maestra of sacred plant medicines ceremonies. Chakawarmi, with a Shipibo Conibo, Shwar and Q’ero lineage.
She holds woman's circles, singing circles, individual healing and shamanic teachings.