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(IllanKilla, Huna Wa Ta O) Sofia Buchuck.


Sofia Buchuck is a maestra of sacred plant medicines ceremonies. Chakawarmi, Ethnomusicologist and oral historian by profession, with a Shipibo Conibo, Shwar, and Q’ero lineage. She holds woman's circles, singing circles, individual healing, and shamanic teachings. Illan Killa Light of the Moon, honoring her village of the Moon, Huna Watao means the one who opens the portals with the first love, named by her Lemurian teachers, initiated in 2020.

Also guides, and retreats in Peru, Europe, and South America, and Egypt. She is also a plant Dieta healer, who trained with well-known tribes in the jungle, and the Andes, She also initiated into the Q’eros codes, with powerful teachers and unique guides of our, sacred  Lemuria, Toltec, and Mayan Codes, Wanuy Pacha, leading both in Europe and Peru, powerful Inka marriage ceremonies and blessings for babies.

She has more than 30 years as a Singer with more than 8 albums and concerts. As an ethnomusicologist, has worked in Mexico, and Peru, teaching at University but also sharing in ceremonies, as a guardian and keeper of ancestral wisdom she is a member of Queswa Ayllu and member of the Tawa Intisuyo ayllus, alive communities in Peru, which is also a spiritual path. Her voice leads ceremonies in Icaros, healing and embodying the messengers of “Pachamama” to vibrate with those who live in harmony with sacredness, birthing a new time of harmony, bringing the teachings of master plants. She also heals with crystals, Inka stones, perfumes, wachuma, and Quantum healing. Her work as a teacher of higher studies in Peru and the Uk has left a privileged path of integrity, coherence, and strong principles to defend life, the rain forest, and our ancestral cultures, linking to the powerful path of spirituality. She is also a priestess of the Rose, of the golden serpent of Isis, Maria Magdalene, the Queen codes of the Mysterium school of Avalon and the Moche codes of Mama Coup Mechereq to be shared in sacredness.

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