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Welcome to our Sacred Healing Services

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Embark on a transformative journey with our one-to-one or group ceremonies, centered around healing and self-discovery, set amidst the sacred sites of Peru and Ecuador. Immerse yourself in the profound energies of these ancient lands as you partake in ceremonies guided by sacred master plants.

What We

One-to-One or Group Ceremonies

Experience the power of healing, transformation, and centering through our ceremonies conducted with sacred master plants. Delve into the mystical landscapes of Peru and Ecuador, where the ancient energies of these sacred sites amplify the healing process

Multi-dimensional Healing

Explore a spectrum of healing modalities, including plant medicines, crystal healing, and quantum healing. Our holistic approach aims to address physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects, guiding you towards a balanced and rejuvenated self.

Workshops on Sacred Instruments

Join our workshops to craft sacred instruments such as Chakapa and learn the art of making agua florida. These skills are specially curated for healers, empowering you to incorporate traditional practices into your own healing rituals.

Raphe Initiates Four Altars

Embark on a spiritual journey with our Raphe initiates, incorporating the energy of four altars. This transformative experience is designed to bring balance, clarity, and healing to your life.

Initiations on Shamanic Healings

Delve into the ancient art of shamanic healing through our initiation programs. Learn the intricacies of channeling energy for profound healing experiences.

Ancestral Marriages and Womb Blessings

Celebrate the union of souls with our ancestral marriage ceremonies. Receive blessings for your sacred journey together and honor the sacred space of the womb.

Plant Dieta for Womb Healing

Our specialized plant dieta focuses on womb healing, fostering a deep connection with your inner self. Designed to facilitate conception and create a harmonious space within, this transformative experience is tailored for those seeking to strengthen the journey to parenthood.

Illumination and Sacred Baths

Experience the power of Condor feather blessings and Qero codes in our illumination ceremonies. Immerse yourself in blossoming baths with sacred plants from the Amazon and the Andes, as well as Inka Avalon magic plants, providing a profound connection with nature.

Wahua Napaykuy – Welcoming New Life

Celebrate the arrival of new family members with our Wahua Napaykuy ceremonies. This inclusive experience involves Condor feather blessings, cacao ceremonies, and family integration rituals, creating a harmonious environment for the newest additions.

International Retreats

Participate in our international retreats, where plant medicines, Qero teachings, and Tawa Inti Suyo wisdom converge. Learn to live in harmony with nature while gaining insights into ancient practices for a holistic approach to well-being.

Womb Dieta and Divine Feminine Initiations

Experience the sacred journey of womb dieta and initiations focused on embracing the divine feminine within. Connect with the nurturing energies that guide you toward balance and empowerment.

Offerings to Mother Earth – Haywaircuy Inca Despacho

Participate in the ancient ritual of offering gratitude to Mother Earth through Haywaircuy Inca Despacho ceremonies. Connect with the wisdom of the land and express your gratitude through sacred offerings.

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My journey with this sacred service took me through a spectrum of healing modalities, including plant medicines, crystal healing, and quantum healing. The holistic approach addressed my physical ailments, emotional scars, and spiritual disconnect. The Illumination ceremony, featuring Condor feather blessings and Qero codes, added a mystical dimension to the healing process. The blossoming baths with sacred plants from the Amazon and the Andes brought a sense of renewal and deep connection with nature. I emerged from this experience with a renewed sense of balance and inner peace.

Judia Walters

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