"The miracles of mother earth

brought to life through the beauty of the plants"


Every tree, every plant, has a spirit. People may say that a plant has no mind. I tell them that a plant is alive and conscious. A plant may not talk, but there is a spirit in it that is conscious, that sees everything, which is the soul of the plant, its essence, what makes it alive. The channels through which water and sap move are the veins of the spirit." 


"I feel a great sorrow when trees are burned, when the forest is destroyed. I feel sorrow because I know that human beings are doing something very wrong." 


"When one takes ayahuasca one can sometimes hear how the trees cry when they are going to be cut down. They know beforehand, and they cry. And the spirits have to go to other places, because their physical part, their house, is destroyed." 


- The late Peruvian curandero Pablo Amaringo to whom I meet in London around 1996. 













What is a plant-diet or plant-treatment?

Plant diets are shamanic diet (la dieta) of master plants and trees, as practiced in the Amazon Rainforest not only to heal different conditions, mental illness, spiritual development, light activations but also any kind of physical conditions including cancer or bipolarity.

These plants are also teachers. a true curandero, learns to heal and to access to higher dimensions of consciousness, and even to develop singing, embroidering, design learning languages or healing by drinking different plant medicines. Equally to heal sexual traumas, connect with more masculine, or feminine energies, entering sacred energetic portals or meeting luminous beings.

The amazon plants are wide and expansive with an intelligence and beauty beyond your imagination. This can only be learned by years of experience and exploration, some Shipibo initiations I did but also by living in the rain forest and knowing the spirits and sacred beings of this fascinating lands. With a permission and respect to all live forms and beings. 

Where does the plant diet finds it's origen?

The plant diets, are true shamanic practices first for curanderos(as) where you are doing your shamanic initiations to access to higher dimensional beings and connections. It later became available to heal the different illnesses as (la dieta) of healing plants, but also of master plants and trees, as practiced in the Amazon Rainforest mainly. But also in some cultures of the Andes and the Desert, to access to the plant intelligence and information, to achieve better healing results.

In the jungle its usually combined with the mother Ayahuasca Vine to activate even further, each diet can have its properties and potency when drinking in combination with Ayahuasca can have 10 times its potency and is to access how the plant is working and how much it has been achieve through the diet. It also depends how strict was the diet, it also involves other treatments, like Icaro chanting, flower and herbal baths, special mud or plant applications other magical techniques used, depending of the tribe or tradition. 

What are the Health Benefits of a plant diet?

Complete healing and transformation.

For example, if you have a tumor in your body with a 4 session or 10 session of mother Ayahuasca plus specific plant diets, it can disappear completely, also cancer. This depends of the healer’s experience and power and also their lineage, it can also happen that it disappears like a miracle in one night, in the end it all depends on each and everyone’s state of being in the moment. 

Transformation for initiations when learning sacred singing it can be achieved through singing techniques, initiations, plant diets and ceremonies. Transformation when finishing certain diets, the results are very notorious and transformative, like: healing depression, trauma, bipolar, skin problems, eczema, sexual problems, addictions, etc.


This is an experience to go for,

it is different for each person, doing a plant diet includes, solitude, respect, discipline, transformation, and ceremonies. Preferable done in sacred forest or the rain forest or the Andes in a sacred space. It’s a process of learning and unlearning.

Here some extract of our patients and their testimonies: 

How do I know which plant to diet?

We have a wide diversity of plant diets (plant treatments), I was initiated as a plant dieter.

Consultations depends on each individual, you can always contact us with your questions by email or multimedia. 

As an example we have the grandfather Tabaco.

•    Tabaco Dieta: 
Centers, heals fear, unbalanced, heals blood systems, clears Urine lineages, addictions, and clears any unwanted energies which may be polluted through implants, alcohol consumption, drugs etc. 
Benefits: centered, clear aura, clear body, urine and blood system. Clear mind and heart, feeling grounded. Master plant teaches you to find your self and be true, direct and honest like a warrior. 

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