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Heart Portal to The Cosmos


A new time of light, intelligence, and sensitivity has been initiated, to bring equilibrium and justice, to embrace love in these new times. A new time to embrace love and respect for our beloved mother “Pachamama” to vibrate with those who live in harmony with the sacred cosmos and the great gran spirit. Sofia Buchuck is the new warrior of light of the new generations, Andean and from Cusco Peru.

Yet simultaneously as cosmopolitan as any citizen of the world, she lives between worlds, living so many years in London has made her closer to her homeland, Peru. She celebrates her culture with much more humbleness than others she feels the deep wounds and the womb of Pachamama. This album contains beautiful songs from the great poets Carlos Huaman, Sofia Buchuck, and Pedro Arriola. Excellent musicians of great music recognition such as Chano Diaz Limaco, River Ore, and many more.


Note: Enjoy the first (3) songs for free.

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