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Sun, 15 Oct




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Time & Location

15 Oct 2023, 10:00 – 19:00

London, London, UK

About the event

GRAND FATHER WACHUMITO CEREMONY/ RECLAIMING THE I AM NUKAQ KANI. Welcome beloved brothers and sisters in this powerful portal of the Solstice when the new moon is opening a portal to reclaim the WHO I AM NUKAQ KANI, strong Tawa Inti suyo teachings, celebrating this reclamation with a powerful medicine plant from the temple of the centre of the centre, Chavin de Huantar here in Avalon. It is a sacred gathering where we will be resetting our blueprint to its original placements, reconnecting to mother, father great cosmic creator, Viracocha. We will be received by our brothers and sisters in a very sacred space, clearing old structures, learning to honour this Transformative passage of our lives, and allowing the empty space to teach us, purity, integrity and common Unity, truly in a centred path of the Tawa inti Suyo, Moche chimu ancestral cultures, their temples and teachings, shared with love, deep respect and commitment. Wachuma medicine holds the energy of the centre of the centre, rooting, unkering you, as well as being a powerful medicine to heal madness, addictions, depression, alzaimer and luck of energy, as it activates your energetic centres, or chacras. Allowing your mind to calmness, reconnecting to the heart centre and in combination with other plant medicines I promote forgiveness to the divine creator, forgiveness in families to create and promote Unity and embrace happiness and togetherness. Therefore, it promotes togetherness, feeling loved, resettling on to seeing yourself as part of the bigger and wider connection to mother earth, our sacred cosmic goddess, integrates all previous lives in this and other times, in this and other dimensions to the centre of unity holding integrity and love. In all our ceremonies we work with Tawa inti suyo Q’ero Inka codes of consciousness by our ancestral temples, which teach us to be in the Kay Pacha, in the present of being here and now where our power of transformation and present holds, we work with the sacred chakana to learn how to purity our heart centre, strength, wisdom, memory and pakarina our center of creation or sacred sexual lineages clearing and honouring the family tree. We invite the use of dance and a body movement to embody the different expressions of our body and reclaiming our true self. This in itself opens a portal for the heart to express, the voice and calm the mind, activate the body and embrace a celebration of life, a celebration of being part of the wider community and cosmic family that we are all embrace in love with life, and alive in the flowing of love. The connective strength of the Spirit of Wachuma is profound, it will work its way in to the core of our being where deep emotional patterns are hidden. It helps to raise vibration and helps to move the denser energies and help to feel ourselves and deeper connect with all that we are. Wachuma comes from our sacred temples of TAWA Inti Suyo I been initiated in Chavin de Huantar temple centre of the stars, and Moche chimu temples where this medicine is served to clear the mind and feel the heart, is a ProFund transformation, which requires direction and clear guidance, with strong responsibility, to hold and the ancestral teachings and techniques served in ceremony are truly transformative, birthing a new chapter in your life, embracing a new time to walk in sacredness and respect. We the people of TAWA Inti Suyo are walking this path in everyday practice, and it is important to feel in your heart a true connection with life and coherence to hold life with responsibility and respect for all living creatures as guardians of Pachamama, as guardians of love and as children of mother earth, father sun. We work with the blessings of sacredness, the permission of our ancestors, and our temples, in love and light. It is important to come with an open heart to learn, time and space to explore and re discover your true self, therefore recommended to have next day to rest and integrate all teachings from this powerful experience, RECOMENDATIONS ARE. Three days before ceremony no meet, or alcohol, no sex, and no chemicals. No food before ceremony, empty stomach, preferably. You can bring water, or herbal tea to the ceremony, fruits or nuts to share. A yoga matt to sit, a cushion, flowers, instruments if you play, songs and crystals to share in our altar. Before ceremony preferably no TV, FILMS, meditation and peaceful environment recommended. Do not procrastinate let magic and medicine speak for itself, and allow mystery to dance in their own dance, which is always a discovery. Co creates space and time together, this is the real magic. Welcome!! At the end of the ceremony there would be a organic dinner to celebrate, fresh fruits, soup and celebration. Wachuma ceremony includes. Welcoming sacred and individual. One to one consultation before ceremony to know your needs. Sharing Inka and TAWA INTI SUYO SACRED CODES for the full restoration of your Blueprint recalibration, this is what sacred plant medicines do and been doing for thousands of years, the most important is to bring us to be aware and alive in consciousness of I AM NUKAQ KANI TEACHINGS. Journeying in sacred ceremony in the ancestral teachings of the Moche chimu, teachings include Condorcito medicine Moche temple of the Condor. Medicine songs of the Tawa inti suyo temples, teachings of our ancestors and healers of the earth, in different ancestral Ligh languages, authentic medicine of our ancestors. Guidance is preparing to face and transform your problem, addiction illness on to the light, this is what a healer or hampeq we do with love and deep respect. Group participation and energetic healings collective and individual. Sacred fire participation. CHAKANA participation, healing of the tree of life, family and lineage healing. Offerings to Pachamama. Organic food. Rapeh medicine will be part of our ceremony and different perfumes to heal the soul. One to one after ceremony support and wisdom. You are me I am you, we are all family, access to our tawa inti suyo sacred codes and wisdom, walking in community and ayllu. Codes of respect from our temples are, we honour love, light and life. Kawsaypaq! For life! Guidance: By Illan Killa, Moon light from the Village of the Moon Cusco Peru. Chaka warmi, Inka solar priestess, Maestra of sacred plant medicines, from the temples of Chavin, Moche Chimu, Inka temples and Tawa Inti suyo. Priestess of the Rose of Avalon, Isis and Maria Magdalene. Lemurian priestess Huna Watao, guardian of Pachamama. Walking and learning this sacred path of the Qapaq Nan, the ancestral path of the ancient teachers our beloved abuelos, walking in love and full connection, member of the sacred Ayllus, hampeq qamayos of the Tawa Inti suyo Cusco Peru. Part of healers of the Cusco Peru, Queswa Ayllus, walking in common Unity. Ethnomusicologist – Oral historian and song writer. Teacher and activist of our communities both in London Uk, and Peru, Latin America. Creator of the sacred temples INKA AVALON. Rapeh and sacred fire by Daren, chakaruna, medicine man from Avalon, trained in the medicine while, many years experience working with different tribes from Brazil and healers from across Latin America, Russia and England. Sharing with love and deep respect. Energetic contribution. Abundant 222 Less abundant 188 Kasuasaypaq! 07514607873 Illan Killa.


  • Wachumito ceremony 15th Oct.

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