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Welcome beloved ones, we share a ProFund ancestral path Inka, pre Inca, Moche Chimu, teachings as part of the Qapaq Nan, unification of all spiritual paths cosmic path of our ancestors, and wisdom keepers of the earth. We embrace these ancient teachings of unity and cosmic weaving very present in the plants, and lands, learning from our tribes in the jungle, beautiful Mama Selva, Shipibo coniho, and Shuar cultures shared in sacredness guided and empowered in plant medicines in ceremonies, 

Our offerings are part of different temples. Teachings, ceremonies, sounds, and plants are all intrinsically connected with Mother Earth Pachamama's medicines. We like to go deep on each temple, in this life journey, we include powerful healings in the sacred, Avalon England, beautiful ancestral healings of INKAN QERO, Toltec, all from Lemurian teachings, all the way to the Jungle medicines of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil. 

We integrate our pilgrimages with teachings of Egypt and the sacred path of PRIESTESS OF THE ROSE, Huna, light languages Native languages of our Abyadyala lands, and DRAGON CODES. 

In this journey, we are honored to have weaved this sacred spiritual healing with well-known, highly respected spiritual leaders in our communities and powerful teachers and healers from around the world, including powerful Chamans, Yatiris, Hampiris, crystal healers, songstress, lightworkers, yoga teachers and more, with deep respect, dedication and love.

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