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Girl of The Rain/Ninadelalluvia


This is an enchanting album with lovely Peruvian and Andean songs, all the way from Peru and other Andean countries. Huayno ayacuchano is one of the most poetic and melodic genders, and also includes huaynos from Cusco.


Sofia Buchuck was also trained as a singer in Mexico, Peru, and the UK, her interpretation has deep ancestral roots but also Latin American song influence with jazzy and blues presence in her voice. Sofia is a singer, poet, and medicine woman from Qosqo- Peru. This album has the magical presence of well-known artists, such as maestro Andres Lares, and Julio Huamala Lema, plus the composition of well-known poet Carlitos Huaman, and wonderful musicians from Peru and Europe, was produced by one of the top music producers of Peru, Chano Diaz Limaco, also a director of one of the most celebrated and awarded films in the history of Peruvian music, Sigo Siendo-We still are.


This album has two important compositions by Sofia Buchuck, one is Wajcha dedicated to the poor children, and Nina, dedicated to the girls on the street. With love and dedication in her work for social justice and transformation to a better world with love.

Note: Enjoy the first three (3) songs are free.

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