Aho is honoured to welcome you to this Hapé & Sacred Fire Ceremony.

In Times of change and of revelation, it is important to know where we stand; who we truly are, grounded and centered. We guide and hold space with the ancient knowledge of the Inka Solar codes from the Tahuantinsuyo and we will share and explain a little bit more of our passion, our path, and our medicine.

Our medicine for the ceremony is grandfather fire, with the assistance of grandfather Hapé, therefore in there honour and respect, we abstain ourselves from other substances.

Hapé (pronounced ha-PAY) is a preparation of powdered medicinal herbs – often with a tobacco base – blow through the nose.

Hapé is considered to be a sacred, shamanic medicine and helps focus and sharpen the mind. Clears a person or space of distracting, bad energies in preparation for intention setting.

Detoxes both body and mind and clears your energetic field.

A sacred fire ceremony where we gather and unite as one to present ourselves to grandfather fire. A ceremony to honour and respect our ancestors and to honour and respect our mother earth.

Our first Sacred Fire Ceremony is to open a sacred space, where we share different perspectives of consciousness, where we hold space for each other to be heard and to share. We hold a sacred space with grandfather fire for transformation, for opening our hearts, for anchoring the light within.

Tea will be served and you're welcome to bring fruits that we can share.

If you have a drum or maraka (rattle), your more then welcome to bring it.

The sacred fire ceremony will be guided by Tom Schoenmaker (Sunquqñan) and Sofia Buchuck ( Illa Killa), We share in Yanantin, the complementary Union of the masculine and femenine energies, with Love, with Joy, with wisdom, with Music and guidance.

The location for the Sacred Fire Ceremony is Berkeley Farm in Hainault on the central line. The farm is set in beautiful acres of field, with horses and wild flowers. The farm is a rustic haven, just a few stops from the city. Parking onsite is also available.

We ask for a small contribution this sacred fire ceremony that helps us to continue sharing what we love and live, and assure the beautiful location, the fire wood, the medicine of Rapé.

£33 per person. Go to www.aho.community to book your place.

With love and gratitude, blessings from our sacred heart.

Willka Sunquqñan and Illa Killa (Tom Schoenmaker and Sofia Buchuck) https://www.sofiabuchuck.com

Further details will be emailed to you upon booking

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