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Beloved brothers and sisters, you are welcome to share this unique and sacred ceremonial experience, in the magical temples of Glastonbury, experiencing the Inkan teachings of the Qeros, Avalon, and temples of the Rose codes. Healing by visiting powerful portals of the goddess of Avalon, the golden dragon egg teaching us to heal the divine masculine, divine feminine, portal of the waters springs, silver and gold, mother, and father oak trees. Blessings of our sacred temples of Avalon which we visit and honor through the years in a sacred prayer from the TAWA INTI SUYO spiritual path, of Inkan lineage led by priestess and healer Illan Killa. Healing karmic patens in this time of ascension on the 5th Dimension, with medicines of Pachamama, and ancestral codes, weaving with love and deep respect for the last years here in the UK.

We will be healing in the temples of the divine feminine and divine masculine, family relations birthing a new time of Pampachikuy to live in harmony and equilibrium, to heal all our relations, with deep love and forgiveness in the medicine of Oness and sacred union. We will be integrating with light codes and accessing the beautiful healing codes of feminine energies and prosperity, also to be able to be attuned in the 5th dimension and receive the sophianic codes into the grids of mother earth. Plus, centering ourselves in the energetic temples of Stonehenge and Glastonbury which are also located very close by so will be taking a beautiful tuning of our energies for a beautiful togetherness of UNITY and rooting that we so much need in this times also to bring this to our families and communities once we come back. Our retreat will be led by a Peruvian healer or Chakawarmi Illan Killa, Sofia Buchuck who has been leading ceremonies from a place of deep respect and love, initiated in the Inkan solar temples of Cusco. Our Team also invites professional healers, of reiki, yoga, rapeh, and shamanic healings from multicultural backgrounds. Who is responsible, compromise and work with integrity for many years many of them have their own healing centers in the UK. Sofa Buchuck (Illan Killa.) Hunawatao. Moon Light. Chakawarmi Medicine woman from Cusco-Peru, ethnomusicologist, and musician at the Musical School of Mexico, and London. A member of Mosoq Tahua Inti Suyo of the Qapa’q Nan Incan spiritual path in Peru, she supports healing with master plants at ancestral inkInkanan and pre-Inkan, ceremonies with a strong lineage and active in community projects both in the Uk and back home. Trained with Shipibo Conibo, Shwar, and Q’ero lineages, walking the Toltec Spiritual Path, and a Priestess of the Rose Temples of Avalon. She canalizes women's circles since 1998 in London, and holds retreats in Peru, and South America for many years, through Inkan retreats, and Medicines of Pachamama. Welcomes also individual healings, and Moon circles. We specialize in the Tahuantinsuyo medicines to reconnect with our four ancestors, and by doing this we recognize the spirits of fire, water, wind, and earth. Reconnecting with ancestral Q’ero teachings and Lemuria codes, is part of this particular journey. your family. OUR CEREMONIES INCLUDE POWERFUL DRAGON ACTIVATIONS Offerings to mother earth Hawrikuy Fairies, Devas, and Elf’s activations and Napaykuy-greetings to the sun, mother water, father air, and mother earth. Our retreats include Staying over the nights, organic food, teachings, crystal healings and medicines of Tawaintisuyo, plant-based medicines from the Andes, and the rain forest. sound bath and crystal healings, visiting sacred temples and Inkan codes and Avalon codes of the Dragons and the temples of the Rose. Preparation for the retreat: Cleansing has an impact on our journey and the ceremony space. We recommend clean living, and eating, for at least a week prior. No sex (or masturbation) No meat (steak, chicken, pork etc.) No fatty foods No spices, or citrus No street drugs No alcohol Contemplate on what you would like to heal within yourself, present or past life situations; what energies or experiences to be transmuted into light; learn to surrender to medicines as a white canvas, for the plants I am you. You are me. We are One. Integration and gratitude to the sacred spirits and closure. It’s always nice to meet in a round circle like a family we are to share what we like to accomplish or what was our experiences or contributions, we are learning together, we enrich together and we heal together, Aloha! Ayni or energetic retribution: Usually they are 1300 per three days, Special retributions are 880 We need a minimum 50 percent deposit to our PayPal account. The retreat includes Plant medicine, full sound, Chrystal healing, other plant medicines to treat special conditions, light, Lemuria and Q’ero codes canalization, and sacred spiritual path teachings. Food, accommodation, fire, and all other facilities. What to bring: Comfortable clothes, soap, toilet paper, white dress or clothes for ceremony, strong shoes for rainy season************** sacred drum or instruments if so wished even crystals or talismans. Fruits or seeds or even flowers to offer to mother earth or to offer to the altar. A great heart to learn and be able to share and be loved, transformed, rebirth it. We are family, we are one tribe, we are one mind, one heart, children of Pachamama. Aloha!! I am you , you are me, for Life! Kausaypaq!! You can achieve: Full transformations, our mother earth medicines heal, cancer, depression, madness, alcoholism, any other addictions. Bringing a centered mind, consciousness, togetherness, happiness, learning to live in equilibrium, spiritual awakening, channeling higher dimension vibrations to heal the soul, rebirth, and life-changing experiences. Connecting to ancestors, past lives, healing sexual energies into sacredness, and liberation of mind control. More centered, peace, forgiveness, past lives integrations, activation of the third eye, full connection to higher dimensions, 5D awakening and I am divine reclamation. Living in equilibrium with mother earth as cosmic seed beings that we are, reclaiming our full potential and gifts to life. **************************************************** Sharing with love and respect, for life, we are all children of the earth, of the sun, the moon, and love. Aniay, aniay, gratitude. Nuke ati. I am you, you are me. We are One.!!! For more information and to confirm your participation to the following contacts: E-mail- 07514697873

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