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Beloved brothers and sisters, Welcome to join us, this 29th July from 11 am to 6 pm

Welcome to join us in a sacred space, fire circle, willow trees, and beautiful forest

in Lambourne End, Hainault. We will be aligning together in this powerful energetic portal of the 7th month, the number of Miracles. We work with Inka Qero codes, offerings to mother earth, water, wind, and fire altars, Integrating light codes of our powerful sun reconnects us to our energetic alignment, which brings a powerful connection to our cosmic god sun since Inka times symbolize rebirth and celebration of a new cycle. We welcome these portals with the teaching of Qero codes as they activate this portal to receive the new and let go of the old, under the powerful guidance of our beautiful grandfather plant medicine Wachumito, from the Chavin de Huantar center of the center or center of the cosmos. The medicine of forgiveness and medicine of the heart, teaches how to overcome fear and division, to center yourself self-connecting to mother earth bringing a new time of harmony, love, and empowerment.

We welcome this time of equilibrium, allowing the new to enter and embrace this new Andean year making a beautiful offering to mother earth to heal all our relations, in a Fire ceremony, reclaiming and reconnecting your soul as a child of the earth. Healing the past onto the present, honoring your family and cosmic family of unity and love.

The Wachuma ceremony will be led by Curandera healer and medicine woman -Illan Kill- Hampeq warm, Inka Priestess of the Inca Solar Path, from Cusco Peru, she brings teachings of the Tawa Inti Suyo, the southern cross, and songs and prayers of the Tawa Inti Suyo Pre Inka and Kapaq Nan ancestral path of the Andes. The Qero codes teach us a new way of living integrating ourselves into a community, respect to mother earth, living in equilibrium with all living species, respect to nature, the animal kingdom, and all the cosmic benign here and in all dimensions.

We reconnect with four altars of life, fire, water, earth, and wind to purify ourselves, with deep respect to life, through teachings of our ancestry tribes of the Andes and the Amazon, to share and heal from the inside out, change the universe our universe, and put powerful prayers in each portal and great altar to integrate us from and from within.

We share raphe from the Amazonian tribes, Condorcito a drink especially prepared by the Chimu and Moche nations, and we bring also a deep respect to our ancestors, honoring all directions, from the Inca wisdom keepers, connecting in this earth, in this time, with the magic of the temples of Avalon.

What to bring.Flowers, fruits or seeds to share, water, chrystals of instruments to share songs, a pure heart ready to receive and share.


Three days before, no drugs, sex, or chemically altered foods.

No television, avoid internet and distortion.

Prepare by eating as healthy and organic as possible, drinking water, vegetables, fruits, and seeds.

prepare to clear emotions and be focused where you like to be.

If not prepare or find yourself lost then healing is most need it and recommended.

Grandfather Wachuma, from Chavin de Huantar, heals, dementia, depression, cancer, Alzheimer, and encourages, integration, happiness, connection to all your feelings, gratitude, love, and experience lucid dreams, you can explore more on this area later on the treatment.

Energetic reciprocity 230 pounds, per session, includes all medicines, teachings of Tawa Inti suyo, and four altars. Rapeh and other medicines as part of this experience, food, and sharing fruits.

Offerings to mother earth and integration.

Payments in Advance are a minimum of 50 pounds to Paypal-

limited spaces, advance payments non-refundable. All welcome. we also make special consideration in case of brothers or sisters struggling, all are welcome.

For more info do contact us.


Kawsaypaq! Uke ati, if you heal yourself, I heal my self, we heal Pachamama mother earth.

For life!

Illa Killa, Sofia Bushbuck


Or contact,

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